Transeth & Associates provides the following services for our clients in Oregon and beyond:

Forensic Accounting
Claims Administration
Investigation of individuals and companies
Employment and executive background screening
Asset searches
Wire sweeps (take out)
Evaluations of computer systems prior to full forensic review
Litigation Assistance /Support
Document retrieval
Witness interviews


Transeth & Associates provides assistance with cases large and small. However, we have worked some of the largest white collar crime and investor fraud cases in Oregon, and have assisted in the return of millions of dollars to investors, including, but not limited to, the following cases:

Capital Consultants/Wilshire Credit Corporation (Jeffrey Grayson, Andrew Weiderhorn)
Synectic Ventures (Craig Berkman)
Berjac of Oregon (Michael Holcomb & Gary Holcomb)
Grifphon Asset Management (Yusaf Jawed)
Sunwest Management Inc. (Jon Harder)
Aequitas Capital (Brian Oliver, Robert Jesenik)